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 ”In Eileen Brady's MUZZLED,the sleuth of this cozy mystery is none other than a veterinarian, and as a veterinarian myself, I couldn't be more thrilled. Here is a novel written with exacting authority, along with a frolicking sense of humor about life, animals, and the lengths to which someone will go to right a wrong, all while still maintaining a solid sense of tension and suspense. I look forward to future mysteries featuring the charismatic Dr. Kate Turner...and I'm sure you will, too!"

​--James Rollins, New York Times bestseller of The Eye of God
Veterinarian Kate Turner has experienced her share of strange house calls, but nothing prepared her for a murder scene. As Kate's veterinary house calls continue, so does her investigation into an increasingly varied list of suspects-including a tattooed biker who loves to bake.
Chained, A Kate turner, DVM Mystery


Eileen Brady


Readers will want to see more of the likable Kate, who, as she snoops and doctors, provides an inside look at quirky pet owners and the oft-satirized dog show set (shoe polish shines a nose!).




Author Brady, a bona fide professional DVM infuses the narrative with medical expertise and astute psychological reflections upon the behavior of animals - and their attendant humans.

Mysterious Reviews

MUZZLED is an entertaining and strong start to this series.


​     "A delightful and lively mystery that introduces Kate Turner, a

veterinarian with heart, humor, and a new penchant for solving murders. A promising first novel that will leave readers begging for more."

--Earlene Fowler, Agatha Award-winning author of the Benni Harper mystery Series

​​                         UNLEASHED

Dr. Kate Turner is happy with her new life in Oak Falls, upstate New York. Working as a relief veterinarian at Oak Falls Animal Hospital she truly enjoys helping her hospital and house-call patients.

All that changes when client Claire Birnham is found dead, an apparent suicide. A talented artist, Claire had everything to live for - a new job, a Manhattan apartment, and her beloved Cairn terrier, Toto. As feisty as his namesake in The Wizard of Oz, Toto was devoted to his human mommy. Kate can't imagine Claire abandoning her much-loved pet. She suspects it was murder.

House-call clients provide gossip and clues, some helpful, some not so much, while Dr. Kate continues to diagnose and treat her animal patients. The fragile friendship between Kate and police officer Luke Gianetti frays as she ignores his advice and risks everything to unmask an ingenious killer.


At the office Christmas party, Dr. Kate is asked to proclaim her secret selfish holiday. Jokingly she wishes her two problem clients would disappear. Other staff members also yelled out their names, but Dr. Kate doesn't feel less guilty when she finds the corpse of problem client number one, Frank Martindale, during a house call. But when the second problem client turns up dead of hypothermia the video taken at the party goes viral, and Kate gets a whole lot of attention she hadn't bargained for.   




Kate’s debut has plenty to offer pet lovers and mysterymavens alike. 

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Eileen Brady, Author © All rights reserved.

On an impulse Dr. Kate Turner has taken a job in the Hudson Valley running Oak Falls Animal Hospital for owner Doc Anderson - away on a round-the-world cruise with his sister. She isn't expecting any excitement during an afternoon house call, but finds Thomas and Vivian Langthorne dead. Their award-winning show dogs are on the loose and their most valuable King Charles spaniel missing. 

Dr Kate's investigation puts her up against some of the Langthorne's enemies in the small world of professional dog shows. She goes behind the scenes to find out how and why someone would steal this valuable dog - while learning some of the devious tricks used in this sometimes cutthroat world. But someone is watching and determined to silence Kate for good. 


As the only veterinarian at Oak Falls Animal Hospital Dr. Kate is swamped with house calls and hospital patients, and her long-distance relationship with law student Luke Gianetti is precarious. The discovery of the body of Sookie Overman, a professional organizer, gets the town buzzing, however, Kate's too busy to take on the case. But following a disastrous fight with Luke on New Year's Eve - he's jealous of a handsome artist who's taken with the young vet - Dr. Kate realizes the only way she can have a fresh start in the New Year is to find some resolution to the problems in the old one. 


Everyone in the charming Hudson Valley town of Oak Falls expected Flynn Keegan, their handsome blond "Golden Boy" to make it big in Hollywood. So when veterinarian Kate Turner identifies a bone dug up by one of her dog patients as human, no one thinks back ten years to remember Flynn. Until DNA and a smashed skull proved he was murdered.

With few clues available to the forensic team, the grieving family begs Kate to investigate. His four closest friends plead ignorance. Neighbors and teachers remember the charismatic young man but offer no real help. Meanwhile, Kate is juggling her eccentric house call clients, a charity pot-bellied pig wedding, and the sudden re-appearance of an old college boyfriend. But Kate soon discovers that chains of love can be as strong as those made of steel - and some deadly secrets have put her next on the kill list.

It's February in the Hudson Valley with Valentine's Day just around the corner. ​When Dr. Kate and her vet tech Mari are flagged down by a motorist whom they believe needs help towing his truck out of a snowy ditch. Frantic, he informs them he's found a body frozen on the shore of Lover's Lake. As Kate and Mari explore the area, they are horrified to find another body - this one a young woman, frozen face up under the ice. It appears to be a tragic accident - the woman drowned and her fiance, unable to save her, died of exposure on the shore. But the police investigation reveals that both victims were murdered.

Who would want the young couple dead, just as they were embarking on a new life together? And who pumped the animal hospital's temp employee full of enough tranquilizers to drop an ox? Dr. Kate will risk more than work-life balance as she doggedly pursues justice. But will her sleuthing leave her any time to get to know the handsome large-animal vet she's met on a house call? And is the injured crow she's taken under her wing an omen of more bad things to come? A group of crows is called a murder, after all . . .